The Best Electric Cars Currently On The Market

Tesla Model S Electric Car

The Best Electric Cars Currently On The Market

Image Credit: Tesla

Electric cars have long been thought of a thing of the future, but without realising it, electric cars are not only here but they’re on the streets. Initial electric car models were released in a world that wasn’t ready for them with a lack of public charging stations and the tendency to have a short battery life – let’s not forget the infamous Top Gear episode where electric cars were put to the test.

Since then technological advancement has enabled manufacturers to build better and these cars are not just available, they’re affordable. Here’s our top six:

Tesla Model S

Although cost and affordability has been previously mentioned, this is on the more expensive side of the spectrum at a cost of over £60,000 but it’s the ultimate electric sports car if that’s what you’re looking for. This car is not only luxurious and spacious but comes with all the latest technology too.

BMW i3

Perhaps one of the more well-known electric cars, the i3 has built a reputation for itself and is one of those cars you can easily identify on the road. Priced just over £30,000, the highly futuristic exterior is simply a mirror for the highly advanced interior that comes with all the right tech. The combination of lightweight production materials such as carbonfibre and the battery pack sitting below floor level means that the performance is pretty good too.

Renault Zoe

Priced under £20,000 the Zoe is definitely a more affordable car of the electric range. Perfect as your standard small car, the Zoe is a little deceiving in size and can in fact comfortably seat four people and carry a decent amount of luggage. It’s the ideal everyday car at an acceptable price.

Kia Soul EV

You might be surprised to learn that the Soul is actually better than its petrol cousin and for a first attempt from the Korean manufacturer; it’s not a bad design. Sold for just under £30,000, the Soul has a lot of umph that’s delivered with little sound and a lot of enjoyment.

Volkswagen e-Golf

Turning the beloved Golf into an electric car was only a matter of time. Advertised as a similar price to the BMW i3 (just over £30,000) this car is able to reach a wide market based on its predecessors alone. Essentially, what you’re buying here is a Golf – all the benefits of a Golf – but with less noise and fewer emissions.

Nissan Leaf

A car that you’re likely to have seen advertised all over the TV and sold for just over £26,000. The Leaf is similar to the Vauxhall Astra in both size and driveability, a comparison that is likely to make it quite appealing. The claimed mileage is somewhere between 125 and 155 miles per charge which, if it this is accurate, would be an added benefit of owning a Leaf.

With a wide range of electric cars out there, some underperforming expectations and others just about getting there, the constant evolution of the automotive industry renews our hope that future electric models will be bigger and better.

James Halderthay
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