Electric Vehicles Save Money

Electric Vehicles Save Money

Electric Vehicles Save Money

Everyone likes to save money, and electric vehicles are a great way to save on the cost of motoring. Did you know all of the following are ways that electric vehicles save money when compared to internal combustion engine vehicles? Read on to see just how an electric vehicle could save you money in the long run.

The Road Tax

Who doesn’t hate road tax? Is one of those necessary evils but most of us do resent having to pay it.  Especially if we drive an older or bigger vehicle.  Electric vehicles do not pay rate tax they are exempt because they have such low levels or no levels of CO2 emissions.  There’s an instant saving every year.

The Cost of Fuel

You know how little petrol or diesel we seem to get the amount of money we have to pay. Diesel vehicles used to be cheaper to run the petrol cars, but that is not the case anymore.  They are losing favour all the time because they create so much pollution. The average cost of running an internal combustion engine vehicle (that is petrol or diesel cars ) is around 12p per mile. Electric cars are much cheaper; it could be as little as 2p per mile to drive your electric vehicle.

Over a year the experts have calculated that this could save you approximately £750.

Cheaper Mechanic Bills

Breaking down and the cost of the annual MOT is also something that thousands of motorists dread each year. With petrol and diesel engines being so complicated it is little wonder that the cost of maintaining them is expensive. We hold our breath waiting for the damage from the MOT and when you add servicing and breakdowns too, the cost can soon mount up.  The electric vehicle is a more simple car for someone to have to maintain. It can cost as little as £100 for the annual service for an electric vehicle. The average prices for your internal combustion vehicles workout at over £400. So there is another saving of  £300 a year saving.

The Perks of Owning an Electric Vehicle.

Because we are invested in and promoting electric vehicles, governments have got on board and provided local incentives to drivers. In London, for example, electric vehicles are exempt from the congestion charge. For diesel vehicles that this is set to increase with a new daily fee for bringing your diesel vehicle into the city. Other local areas offer free parking, so it is worth checking to see what’s available in your area by contacting your local authority.

Grants From the Government

The government offers various incentives depending on which area of the country you are living in.  These will help you with the cost of purchasing an electric vehicle. There are rebates available on the acquisition price of the car for example up to £4500, or if you’re a business driver that uses a van up to £8000. There are schemes available to help you install charging point at your home.  These schemes will be administered on your behalf by the dealer you purchase an electric vehicle through so it’s not even something you have to apply for yourself.

Because electric vehicles have proven to be the way forward, it is clear that perks and schemes will increase over time as more and more people join the electric vehicle network.  It is certainly safe to say there are ready some benefits available today to drivers of electric vehicles.

James Halderthay
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