Nissan Leaf Review

Nissan Leaf Review

The Nissan Leaf is one of the UK’s most popular electric cars. It’s practical and is priced for entry into owning an electric car. We think it’s a great car, so we decided to review it for our readers to help them make a purchase decision.


The Nissan Leaf is a family-sized hatchback all-electric car. It came on the market in 2011 and has been proving popular for families and environmentally-minded drivers ever since. It has two battery options, and the larger battery has a better range. The car has 5 doors, a good amount of space for passengers, and a practical-sized boot.

Driving Experience

Electric cars don’t have gears and have instant torque. The Nissan Leaf is quick off the mark and doesn’t need to be guided through any gears to achieve speed. This makes it perfect for stopping and starting at traffic lights. It handles smoothly, but isn’t exceptionally sporty – handling as well as a typical hatchback. It’s a refined, smooth, and quiet drive – as is to be expected with an electric car.

The driving experience is comfortable, with supportive suspension, so any little bumps in the road won’t be felt. The Leaf is perfectly nippy for city driving, but does cope with the demands of motorway driving. For those with part-motorway commutes, the Leaf is a viable option.

Some may feel the range is a little on the low side, but many drivers report they find the range to be more than suitable for day-to-day life.

How Does It Look on the Inside?

The cockpit is universally laid out, so anyone sitting in it won’t feel like they’re sat in a spaceship or at the helm of a ship. The driving position is higher than most drivers are used to, due to the position of the batteries under the seats.

All of the controls are in easy reach, so changing radio station isn’t a big ask when driving. Other controls are elegantly lit up with blue lights and contrasting silver accents. The reversing camera is a nice touch and easily viewed on the large screen. The entry-range model doesn’t come with built-in sat nav or touchscreen, but both features are worth considering.

What’s the Build Quality Like?

As something so very essential for everyday life, it’s important to have a car that feels well-built. Overall, the interior feels sturdy and it has a range of nice features including cup holders, making life that little bit easier.

The rear seats fold down (but not all the way, sadly) to make space for bigger loads. The back seats pull down with unfussy mechanisms, without needing to take the headrests out, which is a nice feature.

How Much Does It Cost to Run?

The Nissan Leaf is one of the more affordable electric cars on the market, especially after the government grant of £4500. One main factor is that the battery is leased from Nissan at the cost of around £70 per month. There is also the option to buy the battery outright at the cost of around £5000.

With no road tax to pay and costing pennies an hour to charge, the days of wincing at the petrol pump could be a thing of the past with the Nissan Leaf.

James Halderthay
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