Road Trips – Charging Tips For A Great Adventure

Road Trips – Charging Tips For A Great Adventure

A car, whether it is petrol or electric, represents freedom. We’re no longer bound to how far we can walk or our bus routes. We can go miles away for a day trip and not have to worry about time or distance. However, when using an electric car, you need to make sure that you take care of your electrical vehicle and play it smart to maximise what you get from a charge. We’re going to take a look at some top charging tips and what they can do for your vehicle.

Drive Slower, Charge Less

It’s a basic logic which dictates that the faster you travel, the quicker you’ll burn out your supply of fuel and the longer you’ll need to spend recharging or resupplying. This sentiment is equally true for the electric cars. People who drive slower don’t run down their battery as quickly, nor do they spend anywhere near as much time recharging and refuelling their vehicle. Yes, it’s true you might add another half an hour to your journey, but there’s no need to rush around in such a hurry when there’s such a good merit to moving a little slower.

Bring The Extension Cord

If you’re going to have to stay overnight anyway, then why worry about stopping to charge the car when you could do it overnight. An extension cord which runs from the room you’re staying into the electric car itself will allow you to charge it up overnight, and not have to worry about making more stops and delaying the journey. If you’re going to be asleep anyway, it makes sense to do something productive in that time.

Be Polite And Courteous

If you’re going to stop and charge your electric car, there’s no better time to showcase some manners and paint electric car users in a good light. Be careful with the cord and the charging station when you use it, don’t make any fuss, and then put everything back exactly where you found it for the next person. It’ll only take a few minutes to do all of these things, but it’ll help to cement the good image of the community for people who are passing through.

Plan Your Route To Suit

One of the best things to do when planning a road trip is to make sure you either bring a charger with you or to make sure you’ve got several places planned out. You may find that the charger at one station is in use all the time, so it’s worth looking for another station in the area and trying there as well. If you’ve got a few backup locations to charge, you’ll be less likely to stress and worry.

Overall, these are just a few charging tips for people who are going to embark on a grand road trip and have an electric car. With a lot of these kinds of things, it’ll pay dividends to be smart, considerate and prepared. Not only will you have a nice trip, but you’ll also make sure you don’t worry about suddenly coming to a halt in a remote stretch of road too.

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