The Surprising Benefits of Electric Cars

The Surprising Benefits of Electric Cars

The Surprising Benefits of Electric Cars

When people are asked to name the benefits of electric cars we can guarantee that being clean and better for the environment are the top things that come up.  Of course, this is entirely correct, as electric cars do not use fossil fuels and are therefore considered a truly environmentally friendly alternative to the dirty petrol or diesel cars we currently use.  But other benefits are often overlooked.

Electric Has Its Advantages

Electric cars are obviously better for the environment, but thanks to advances in electricity generation they are the best solution to the renewable energy crisis. The electricity industry itself has seen some pretty radical changes and battled the opposition to provide ways of generating power that is themselves much greener.  With solar farms and wind turbines being at the forefront we are now able to produce electricity without damaging the environment.  When you add to that wave generation and solar panels attached to houses the ways in which we can now generate electricity have exponentially expanded.

Electric Cars Go Wrong Less

Do you know how many parts there are in the traditional engine?  There are several thousand parts used to make a petrol or diesel engine which means that there is rather a lot of things that can go wrong.  The days of dreading the MOT and what horrors it might reveal can become a distant memory.  Electric cars have one moving part in their engine.  There is no oil to change or top up (something that gets overlooked all too often and causes more issues), it is a much simpler engine.

Electric Cars Go On and On

If you were to consider the life of a combustion engine in miles you are looking at about 100,000 miles before mechanics start sucking in air between their teeth and giving you a look that suggests this is going to cost you a small fortune to put right.  How many times do people decide to dump their car and start again rather than put right the issues?  Electric vehicles have a lifetime of millions of miles before you would expect any problems.  What a refreshing difference!

Electric Cars Are Super Quiet

Another benefit for the overall pollution of the world is that electric cars offer a much quieter ride.  No more roaring engines, just a quieter drive.  Imagine the difference in crowded cities if all the traffic on the roads, including the buses and taxis, ran on electric.  Well, that is a future that might not be as far away as you first imagined.  Not only do we get rid of toxic pollution with electric vehicles but we get rid of noise pollution too.

Electric Cars Are Safer

Thankfully it is not something that happens often, but it is a fact that after an impact or crash a petrol or diesel engine can catch fire and worse, explode.  It seems like the stuff of action movies, but it does happen to people around the world too.  Electric cars have nothing combustible to explode or catch fire, so in the event of a crash, they are safer.

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