The Public Charging World – What You Need To Know

The Public Charging World – What You Need To Know

As a person who owns an electric car, you are going to find that you’ll need to be aware of one particular topic. The world of public charging points can be a real pain to try and navigate, and it often leaves people in a state of some confusion. There’s nothing worse than trying to charge your device and finding out that you can’t, or that feeling of panic when you don’t know how to charge something at all. To try and remedy that particular problem, we’re going to be looking at how we navigate the world of public charging ports, and what you need to know.

Where Can I Find A Charging Station?

First things first. Where do you find a charging station for your electric car? Well, these kinds of stations are located at a lot of conventional petrol stations. Your town should have at least one in it, with significant places like Tesco having them in most of their petrol stations. However, you’ll also see them dotted around the motorways, and some rest facilities which are more modern will also have them in their available resources.

Can I Use An Electric Charging Station?

When it comes to charging your electric car, there are two types of places that you need to watch out for, because they offer two different charging options.

One type of charging port is the free variety. Some places will allow you an open usage of their charging station, and you can plug in and recharge. These are commonly big retailers and fast food places because they know that people are quite likely to do some shopping while they wait, and the value of a free and accessible charging space is evident to them.

The other type of charging spot is the more selective of the two. These are the kinds of slots which require you to be a member of their respective companies. This may involve having some sort of application which allows you to use the charger, or you may need a membership card to put in. In any instance, each company will have a different procedure for joining, and you may find that you are required to pay a membership fee, so it is worth keeping that in mind.

Overall, these are the vast majority of the things which you need to know about public charging ports. Trying to understand what you need to do and how to do it can be a challenge, so it is essential to understand how you go about getting your electric car charged. The knowledge you have will help to make sure that you do not worry when you’re out and about and allows you to create decisions with confidence. As more and more people get into the electric car, you will find that knowledge of how to work these charging stations becomes more common knowledge, and also that there are more and more stations coming into existence.
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