Volkswagen’s Shining Vision For The Future

Volkswagen’s Shining Vision For The Future

Volkswagen has a lot of cars and vehicles which are very impressive. As a company, they are very well known and have a lot to offer the public. But, they’ve recently begun to move their company forward and have a great idea of what the future is going to look like. We’re taking a look at this vision in more detail.

What Do They Want?

Volkswagen has taken the electric car community by surprise in recent times. As recently as last year, they announced their plan to have 3,000,000 electric cars on the roads by the year 2025. Now, that is a whole seven years away, but it’s still an incredibly large undertaking for any company, especially considering that people are only just starting to come to terms with the idea of modern electric cars as is.

Is This Feasible?

Obviously, this proclamation is one which has caused some controversy within the electric car community. People are skeptical as to whether or not the motoring giant can pull of such an extraordinary task, especially considering that the electric car industry is still something of a niche market at this point. It’s difficult to predict the scope and scale of the electric car industry by 2025, which then, in turn, makes it very difficult to try and gauge whether or not Volkswagen can pull it off.

Obviously, this is something that we would like to see come to fruition. The need for an electrical based motor system is more pressing than ever. There are all of the various generators of pollution within the world as it is, so removing cars from that list of guilty parties is something which would be welcome indeed. Anyone who drives an electric car, or campaigns for their increased usage in the modern age, would know that there’s a lot of benefits to switching from the traditional combustion engine. Volkswagen would do well to increase their production and sales of electrical based cars, but it’s uncertain as to how likely their 3,000,000 car target is. Another potential issue is that the electric car market is one which is erratic, and harder to predict with any accuracy. There are always fluctuations in the sales and popularity of the vehicles, in part due to the changing mentalities of the public, and also in part due to ever constant technological advancements.

Overall, whether or not Volkswagen will manage to meet their target is unknown. However, the fact that they’ve suggested that it is possible is very encouraging news. It suggests, at the very least, that Volkswagen are confident that the electric car will continue to grow in popularity. As one of the leading providers of automobiles, both combustion based and electrical, it’s going to be interesting to watch the company strive to make their vision for the future a successful reality. As enthusiasts of the electric car, we are naturally rooting for them, and hope that their endeavors are as successful as they want them to be.
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